As part of some brainstorming on company culture, a team within one company were asked for the reasons why they went to work. Not surprisingly, The Coffee Guy was on the list.  

It seems that the delicious espresso delivered each day by Jeff Robinson, The Coffee Guy Frankton (Hamilton), has become more than the required daily pick-me-up, but a highlight of their day!

The company was in the process of working on their company strategy and culture. Part of this working on the following:  Why do we come to work?; Our future state; Our current working condition; and Action plan to reach future state.

In response to the question “Why do we come to work?”, the team identified various reasons including “the challenge”, “being able to contribute to the company’s success”…and “The Coffee Guy”! The following reason was “we feel valued”, which could be the effect of perfect espresso delivered each day…?

Why we come to work
The honest truth