As part of your next campaign, why not consider using the personal and interactive medium of coffee to connect with your customers? While other media work to increase general awareness, The Coffee Guy will work to create one-on-one interactions with your target audience.

  • We’ll attend a schedule of locations to provide freshly-made coffee to your target audience.
  • Brand ambassadors can provide information on the campaign or product launch, answer any questions that the customers may have, and/or provide product samples or promotional material.
  • Partial or full branded options are available. We can offer: fully or partially branded cups, mobile espresso unit and barista uniforms. A branded mobile espresso unit has the added bonus of acting as a mobile billboard for the duration of your campaign.
  • We can help you choose the locations if required. We can even provide access to an existing group of customers through our franchise network.
  • With over 50 franchises around the country, we can deliver a national, multi-van campaign.
  • Our baristas are fully trained and our mobile coffee vans are fitted with the finest Italian espresso hardware so you’ll be proud of us representing your company.

 If this sounds like a must-have for your next campaign, contact us and we’ll design a package to suit.