After years of planning and millions of dollars, something special needed to be done for the launch of Telecom’s new 3G network - XT.  With a major mass media campaign responsible for informing the country of the new network, Gen-I (Telecom’s subsidiary) needed a direct way to engage their current and potential customers. The focus of the XT launch campaign was ‘mobility’ so the fit with mobile espresso was perfect.

After getting The Coffee Guy barista up to speed on the new network, the fully-branded mobile espresso van hit the streets to spread the word. Over a great cup of coffee, The Coffee Guy barista and the Gen-I brand ambassadors informed the target audience about the benefits of the new network, when they can sign up and what the charges will be. They also demonstrated the new mobile phones available and the benefits of the technology to their business.

Two weeks into the promotion Gen-I decided to add another van. With just a couple days’ notice, The Coffee Guy managed to get the extra van away to be sign-written and another barista ready to make some coffee.

Gen-i's customers enjoy a coffee while they check out the latest mobile phones
Gen-i clients check out the new phones
Tables were set up to display the new phones
One of two Gen-i vans