From a six-week campaign to a small staff meeting, The Coffee Guy can provide spark to your next event or promotion. Whether it’s new customers or existing ones, business or residential, The Coffee Guy can help you get one-on-one time with your target audience. We can cater for corporate events and promotions of all shapes and sizes. Here are just some of the ways The Coffee Guy has been used:

  • Coffee shout: We’ll visit your client or staff and make them a round of delicious, freshly made espresso coffee. The perfect corporate gift!
  • Launch: If you’re introducing a new product or a new campaign, consider The Coffee Guy as part of your launch. Over a great cup of coffee, get one-on-one time with your customers to discuss your new product or service. Or use freshly-made espresso coffee delivered by your brand ambassadors to provide your target audience with a unique brand experience that they will remember and talk about.