What do you want out of a business? A product that everyone wants and customers that love seeing you each day? The opportunity to take control of your lifestyle and your income? Low overheads to maximize your profits? Welcome to The Coffee Guy!

It’s no secret – Kiwis love coffee – so our customers love seeing our stand-out mobile coffee vans because they know it means a delicious brew is ready to be made. Whether we’re at a drive-thru, delivering to a workplace, or at an event, everyone is happy to see us. 

Not only do we have a product that people can’t get enough of, we’ve designed a franchise system that’s just as attractive. It’s fully-flexible so you can tailor it to suit your lifestyle – we have one franchisee that finishes a little earlier so he can go surfing, another who schedules breaks to do the school run, and another who works a bit extra to maximise her sales. You don’t need any experience – the business is super-simple and we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Just bring your great personality and willingness to learn.

If this sounds like you, just complete the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to give your more information on this business opportunity.

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