Bjorn took over The Coffee Guy Nelson in May 2010, and he's shared some of the experiences he's had along the way.

15 April, 2011: Business is good!

"It's already been ten months since we bought TCG Nelson and we are doing well! We had a real busy summer season with an event almost every weekend. Our biggest event was the Musselfest in Havelock with 340 cups all on my own in 5 hours flat!! The corporate run is picking up again after the hot summer and the holidays. Hope we will have a good cold sunny winter with lots of hot coffees. See you around Nelson/Richmond, Bjorn Sohl."

18 June, 2010: The Coffee Guy Nelson hits 100!

"I had my first day over a 100 cups! Great the morning drive-thru is really picking up and my corporate run at Port Nelson is growing bigger and bigger! Sweet as!" Bjorn Sohl, The Coffee Guy Nelson. 

29, May 2010: The Coffee Guy Nelson's first day on the road

"Had my first day on the road yesterday and had good fun. Just the existing corporate-run is good for 80 coffees! From next week i will go out to set up our drive-through. Thanks for a couple of enjoyable days in Auckland. Say hello to everybody in the office!" Bjorn Sohl, The Coffee Guy Nelson.

The Coffee Guy Nelson makes a fresh start in a new country with a new business

The Coffee Guy’s newest franchisee, Bjorn Sohl, left Holland for New Zealand and has now left his job to join New Zealand’s largest mobile coffee franchise.

"I’m looking forward to making a bit more money, have some fun and make some good coffee,” says Bjorn.

While Bjorn has over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry, this will be the first time he has owned a business.

He decided to purchase the existing Nelson franchise because he wanted a head start.

“We were looking for something that existed and was doing well. We came across The Coffee Guy, had a good look through the franchise business and thought it gave you good support,” says new owner.  “So there is a bit of security for us!”

After completing a week of barista and administration training at The Coffee Guy head office in Auckland, Bjorn has returned to Nelson to complete the on-the-road training with the outgoing franchisee, Aaron Tombs. After that, Bjorn will take the reins.

“I am excited to do the whole thing of starting for ourselves,” Bjorn said. “Making a bit of money and being your own boss.”